University of Minnesota Advanced Careers (UMAC) is a gap year for grown-ups as they transition from career jobs into what’s next.

UMAC offers the time, space, and insights for fellows to reimagine the arc of their lives, which may include a new career, part-time work, entrepreneurship, or unpaid community participation.

Over the course of two semesters, fellows attend classes, seminars, and lectures, deepen ties in their communities, and apply their skills in new ways in a nonprofit setting.

UMAC offers an opportunity to learn, explore, and connect across the generations, building on a vibrant campus community. With a focus on meaningful work with purpose, whether paid or unpaid, fellows gain practical experience while expanding capacity within the nonprofit sector.

A Story of Nonprofit Impact

As a stem cell donor, UMAC fellow Sarah Meek brought a valuable perspective and personal insights to her volunteer project with Be The Match. She also brought business acumen, wisdom and experience, according to her host manager, Laura Vincent. Hear their stories of working collaboratively across the generations in this video.