UMAC Fellows Program

2018 UMAC Fellows standing in front of oversized maroon Goldie Gopher chair in front of the Northrup Building

UMAC Fellows Program is on pause right now.

UMAC Fellows Program provides the framework, guidance, and hands-on learning to smooth this transition time, gain a sense of renewal, and set the stage for you to successfully launch a new career or volunteer in the social sector. 
UMAC fellows spend fall semester expanding their understanding of themselves and the ways that they can contribute their talents for the greater good. Fellows form a learning community, participate in multigenerational learning, and engage in discussions with some of the best and brightest thinkers in the country.
In the spring semester, fellows gain practical experience through a skills-based volunteer placement in a nonprofit organization, public service or other social impact venture, where they apply their workplace skills and expertise in a host organization.
Throughout the academic year, fellows participate in discussions and explore topics of interest. Fellows fine tune what they want from this new life stage, encore adulthood. Fellows expand networks and connect with resources within and beyond the University of Minnesota.

If you are interested, please apply using the form below. The cost for the Fellows Program, September through May, is $16,000. 

Still have questions? Please visit our FAQ page or reach out to Executive Director, Dr. Kate Schaefers at