Why Participate

Photograph of a group of UMAC participants sitting around a table working.

 UMAC offers the framework, community, and support as experienced professionals transition from career jobs into what is next.

Fall, 2020 is online, with two modules. For those continuing into Spring, 2021, UMAC will offer opportunities to learn across the generations while charting a course for the future.


Photograph of a group of people sitting at a table building something out of building blocks.

Who is UMAC For?

UMAC provides opportunities for experienced adults to:

  1. Rethink their identities and purpose for this new “encore” life stage
  2. Try out short-term deployment of their skills, time, and expertise  for the greater good in a community non-profit 
  3. Intersect with conventional undergraduates in and out of the classroom

UMAC is a time out of sorts, a gap year where UMAC fellows can think about, share, and “try on” different possibilities for meaningful next chapters, inventing their own encores.