Why Participate as a UMAC Fellow?

Photograph of a group of UMAC participants sitting around a table working.

UMAC now has two options:

  • UMAC Online, a LIVE virtual curriculum (Two part series: Charting A Course for What's Next and What Difference Can I Make?)
  • UMAC Fellows Program, a 9-month cohort approach that brings experienced professionals back to campus to explore new ways to use their skills for the greater good

With UMAC Online, people can participate from anywhere. Our LIVE virtual format is a powerful option to connect with other change makers and gain traction from your home community.

UMAC Fellows Program is a 9-month immersive experience that includes multigenerational classroom learning and mentoring, a transformative curriculum, and an applied "internship" in a nonprofit, social enterprise, or public service organization.

We are accepting applications for Spring, 2021 for our UMAC Online virtual experience and for Fall, 2021 UMAC Fellows Program.



Photograph of a group of people sitting at a table building something out of building blocks.

Who is UMAC For?

UMAC provides opportunities for experienced adults to: 1) rethink their identities and purpose for this new "encore" life stage, 2) explore deployment of their skills, time, and expertise for the greater good, and 3) identify ways to mentor young adults and share their wisdom. People come to UMAC with a variety of goals. Here are a few.

Personal and Professional Renewal

Careers today are demanding and all-encompassing. For those ready for a new way of living and working, UMAC offers time and space for renewal and exploration. UMAC helps people rethink their identities and purpose for this new encore life stage. They explore possibilities for meaningful next chapters, and apply their skills, time, and expertise for the greater good in communities.

Community Impact

People at midlife and beyond bring a range of skills and talents that are needed in the social sector. UMAC helps participants gain insights and experience as they apply their skills in new ways.

New Ways of Working

From side hustles to portfolio careers, phased retirement to the gig economy, the career landscape is shifting. Encore adults want and often need to work, but they don't want to work in the same way. Like young adults, encore adults want to build career skills and sharpen strategies to navigate the new world of work. Like their younger counterparts, they also want to use their skills to make a difference. UMAC helps participants chart a course for work with meaning, purpose, and often a paycheck.