Aerial Photograph of the Mississippi River, the Washington Ave Bridge, and West Bank with Cedar Riverside and downtown Minneapolis in the distance.

You can help us build a bridge to meaningful work with social impact for those who still have a lot to give to communities.

Support a Scholarship

With your help, UMAC can be more accessible to people who have made a difference in their fields. We want to remove financial barriers to make participation possible for a wider range of people interested in UMAC.

Sponsor a Nonprofit Placement

Underwrite the actual value that UMAC fellows contribute to nonprofits through their project work. This helps us keep cost out of the picture for nonprofits, while recognizing that fellows bring value through their work.

Invest in Outreach

As a start-up initiative, we need to expand visibility and build awareness of how UMAC helps communities, corporations, and nonprofits. With your support, we can invest time and resources to make this happen so we can build a sustainable business model for the future.

Please give now and help move Minnesota and the world from global challenges to game-changing solutions.